About Us

About Us

Real-time Control

Change your own Ads anytime.

Display multiple Ads within your time slot.

The large billboard companies ignore your market niche - the small to medium sized business. Clearly we do not.

Our billboards cannot be missed by the passing traffic, no matter what radio station they have dialed in.

About Us

Pricing & Effectiveness

Compare our price point to the various mediums of advertising (see Useful Facts).

Our CPM cannot be beat.

Digital Billboard Advertising generates the strongest Return-On-Investment.

Our price point is most economical of all advertising mediums.

About Us

We Adapt - Constantly

INEX was started in 1995.

We embraced the Internet in its infancy, understanding its potential.

The company transitioned from creating the first net-based classified ad program to Digital Billboard Advertising today.

We consistently strive to use technology efficiently and easily.