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  • Each Ad is displayed for 8 seconds in its slot. It will be guaranteed to be seen between 900 to 5400 times a day (typically somewhere in the middle). This means your Ads are seen about every 24 seconds to 56 seconds typically.
  • You can display as many Ads as you want in your slot. (no cost difference).
  • Select / Deselect billboards as you wish.
  • Read your calculated weekly cost at the bottom.
Billboard Calculator
City Location Facing Weekly Rate
Edmond 73034 Edmond OK - East Side East $0
Edmond 73034  - Edmond OK - West Side West $0
Edmond 73036 El Reno OK - North Side North $0
Edmond 73036 El Reno OK - South Side South $0
Edmond 73066 Nicoma Park - East East $0
Edmond 73066 Nicoma Park - West West $0
Standard Weekly Charges