Any Sign should have a strong Return-On-Investment.

   1. A digital sign typically increases in-store traffic bt 10-30%. Ticket size is generally 115% of normal ticket sale size.

   2. If your business grosses $1,000,000 per year in sales, and you increase it to $1,100,000 (a conservative 10% increase in sales), at a 15% profit margin you have made an additional $15,000 per year. That is $1,250 per month. If you bought $40,000 sign, the loan is $424 (5% note over a ten years) or $748 (5% note over five years). You are already making additional cash flow. That is payback is 32 months! Note that your sign will continue to make you money even after it is paid off.

Compare the cost to other forms of advertising.

When measuring marketing costs, advertisers use cost per thousand (CPM). CPM is the cost of a media exposure reaching 1,000 potential buyers. Advertising studies state that a typical outdoor business sign costs less than 30 cents to reach 1,000 people. In contrast, the CPM for ads on TV range from $10 to $25 depending on the program all the way up to $56 CPM for direct mail! The biggest difference between your on-premises lighted sign and other forms of advertising is that you pay for a new sign one time. After that, it still continues to work 7 days a week for many years. A great sign with the right images is a salesperson who is always working, never sick, and makes you money 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for years to come.


Why buy a Digital Sign over a static sign?


Buy the right digital sign

Now that you are convinced a digital sign is a better choice by a significant margin over static signs, you need to understand exactly what you need to buy.

First: understand some Digital Sign Basics

All sizes of Digital signs are created by using one or more cabinets (in rows and columns). This approach allows you to create a custom sized sign of any size. In general terms, digital signs are categorized by Outdoor or Indoor, LED size, and maintenance access.

Select the right sized sign

The size of the sign is one of THE two most important factors in its effectiveness (the second is what marketing agencies call the Creative or the Ads you post on the sign). How do you decide what the right size is? In either case, you need to understand the minimum and maximum distance the sign will be read. Use these general rules for your selection:

  • First Rule: Figure out the size of text you need.

We cannot emphasize this point enough. The text size controls the screen size. You do NOT choose the sign size and then fit the text in it. You figure out the required text size and then ‘wrap’ the size of the sign around it.
The primary purpose of an effective sign is readability. From years of study, it has been determined that the recommended minimum reading time is 3-5 seconds. What size letter will your sign require to allow for sufficient readability of your message before you have driven passed it?

The right size means the text must be legible --- at the right distance from the sign. For text to legible, the font must be 1 inch high for every 10 feet away the viewer stands. Consider this point: If you bought a 2 ft high x 6 ft wide display, and you need text that is 10 inches tall, the text takes up 40% of the sign’s entire height. Hmm. That sign is too small. Get the point?

Letter Height Best Legibility Recommended Maximum Distance
1" 10' 50'
2" 20' 75'
3" 30' 100'
4" 40' 150'
5" 50' 175'
6" 60' 200'
8" 80' 350'
9" 90' 400'
10" 100' 450'
12" 120' 525'
15" 150' 630'
18" 180' 750'
24" 240' 1000'
30" 300' 1250'
36" 360' 1500'
48" 480' 2500'
60" 600' 1250'

The font width will typically be at least 60% of its height. Maximum width is 100%.
But is that the whole answer? No. That information only covers the typical distance you need people to be able to read a sign. Now you must include the speed of the road. So now that you know the text influences the sign size, use our Speed App to calculate the text size needed. But to do that correctly, you need to define how far away your customers will be reading the sign.

Second: calculate the biggest sign you need

Sometimes people believe they need a huge sign. Not always true. Will a huge sign be overwhelming? Yes. Will it be a waste of money? Yes. Whether a sign is for walking traffic or drive-by traffic, you need to know the distance from the sign that your viewers will read it.


Are you going to attach it to the sign of the building for public to read as they walk in? Or will it be used for drive-by traffic? Use our Speed calculator to determine the average size of the text you need. The apply the folowunf rule of thumb:

Rule of Thumb: Make the height of the sign at least 4 times the height of the text you will use.

Third: determine the minimum viewing distance

Why is this part important? The Pitch size figures closely with how close your viewer can be and still see a good picture. For example, look at a gas station price sign. From a distance, it will look like the perfectly formed digit. When you get closer, you can see all the dots that make of the image. Why. They maybe P20 or P16. Not only are they large sized LEDs but they are spaced widely also. But in this case, they are perfect for their design. The viewer sees the price from a good distance and has time to make the decision to stop at that gas station.
Can you use this same sized LEDs for people 40 feet away? Nope. It will look like a mess.
Use our catalog to give you an idea of the right Pitch size. In general, use the minimum distance to determine the right Pitch that you need.

How to select the right Pitch size

Pitch Minimum distance Maximum distance
1 P2 6 feet Used inside for close viewing
2 P2.5 4 feet 60 feet – these are generally small kiosk mirror screens
3 P4 12 feet Dependent on the screen size
4 P5 15 feet Dependent on the screen size
5 P6 20 feet Dependent on the screen size
6 P8 30 feet Dependent on the screen size
7 P10 50 feet Dependent on the screen size

So now you know the right size of the sign you need and the right Pitch for the LEDs. That pretty much tells you everything you need to determine the cost (without the stand it is on or the frame holding it or the installation cost).

What do digital signs cost?

A good rule of thumb is to budget 1 ½ to 2 years of your advertising budget for a new sign as the maximum cost.

How Much Does any kind of Outdoor Business Sign Cost?

While hearing the cost of an outdoor business sign cost might seem high, an effective sign will generate more revenue than it costs. Your business needs a sign. The real question is “what I an effective sign?”
You want the best Return-On-Investment for your money. This purchase is not just an expense, like a vehicle or even your building. Vehicles do not increase your sales. This sign purchase has one sole function - to increase sales. Every business needs a marketing plan. Your marketing plan includes advertising. Advertising increases sales.
What is the most effective sign to increase your sales? An unlit sign? A neon backlit sign? A Flex sign using LED light bulbs? Or a digital sign? Clearly an illuminated sign is best, capturing the attention of customers driving by. But that sign needs to be capturing their interest in six months, in six years.
Make sure you ask the installer about the sign’s size , materials, labor costs, wind load design, local ordinance requirements (permits), and projected lifespan of the sign. Regardless of the type of sign, free-standing signs vary from $150 to $400 per square foot depending on complexity (installed). The cost per square foot goes up with complexity, but actually goes down with size, a counterintuitive idea.

5×7’ monument 6’×8’ foot Pylon 10’×7’ foot 10’x7’ Digital
$5,000 $10,000 $28,000 $39, 000
Double sided Double sided Double sided Double sided
Double sided Double sided Double sided Double sided
Aluminum structure with acrylic panels Aluminum structure The bottom half has 3 tracks for 6” changeable copy letters. Aluminum frame Steel cabinets with Iron frame and pole
Lit using ground mounted lighting Internally lit -, fluorescent lamps. Internally lighting P10 external LED digital presentation
Footings and support columns must handle wind-loads. Pan-formed Lexan face with embossed copy. Footings and support columns must handle wind-loads.
Very low Maintenance Low Maintenance Low Maintenance Low Maintenance
Cannot modify facing ever Vinyl facing is unchangeable. Text letters can be modified Facing is completely changeable and can modified according to schedule via web.

INEX will tell you our prices right here. No need to wait for a quote. Why? We buy direct from the manufacturer, meaning that we cut out the middleman. We can sell cheaper than nearly anyone.

Pitch & Cabinet Cost / Sq Ft Pitch & Cabinet Cost /Sq Ft
P1.25 X Small Cabinet $1,480 P2.5 Medium Cabinet $435
P1.25 Small Cabinet $1,600 P3 Medium Cabinet $579
P1.56 X Small Cabinet $1,085 P3.33 Medium Cabinet $379
P1.56 Small Cabinet $1,1555 P3.91 Medium Cabinet $379
P1.667 X Small Cabinet $994 P4 Medium Cabinet $251
P1.875 Medium Cabinet $545 P4.81 Medium Cabinet $218
P1.875 Large Cabinet $633 P5 Medium Cabinet $211
P1.923 X Small Cabinet $673 P6 Medium Cabinet $203
P2 Medium Cabinet $379 P8 Large Cabinet $182
P2.5 Small Cabinet $326 P10 Large Cabinet Aluminum $135
P3 Medium Cabinet $245 P8 Large Cabinet Sealed $222
P3.91 Medium Cabinet $211 P10 Large Cabinet Sealed $211
P4 Medium Cabinet $199 P10 XX Large Cabinet Iron Sealed $211
Indoor P4.81 Medium Cabinet $193 P10 XX Large Cabinet Aluminum Sealed $227
Indoor P5 Medium Cabinet $173 P10 Large Cabinet Aluminum $135
Indoor P6 Medium Cabinet $132 P10 X Large Cabinet Iron Sealed $211
Indoor P10 Medium Cabinet $118 P10 XXX Large Iron Cabinet $135
P10 X Large Cabinet Aluminum Sealed $227

Just multiply the projected size of your sign (in Square feet) times the Price. Add taxes (if applicable) and shipping. Shipping is a huge variable, based on the weight and size of the cabinets and the location we are shipping it.
Regardless of the price, the features must be included in the cost of a business sign:
Local ordinances checked before the design process begins
Professional layout by sign designers that understand readability at different traffic speeds & distances** Most important.
Detailed proposals with all specifications clearly listed
Commercial grade aluminum and other quality materials for construction
At least a 3 year warranty for your piece of mind

We can give you an idea of the price per square foot based on the LED size

Can outdoor business sign cost be financed?

Most outdoor commercial signs can be financed by a leasing or financing company. For example, a $15,000 dollar sign might be financed over 60 months with a total payment of approximately $325/mo. with a $1 buyout at the end. A $40,000 sign over 60 months is $830/mo. The marketing effects of new outdoor signage are achieved immediately while the only cost is the first two payments up front. If you need financing, let us know. We can provide three finance companies for you to contact. They usually require you to be in business for 2 ½ years minimum. You normally get approval inside one day with these folks.