Geofencing Is All About Intent. Where Your Potential Client’s Visit Tells Everything About Their Desires.

You tell us where your competitors are located. We track the people that enter their premises. We begin to deliver your Ads to all their phones.

The difference? You aren’t delivering Ads to just anyone. You are delivering Ads to people already interested in your type of products.

Want to know more about how this disruptive technology benefits you directly?


Learn How INEX Geofencing Marketing Works

Location-Based Targeting Tactics that Drive Sales

Powerful and unique targeting options to run performance-based campaigns.

Accurate Targeting

Reach People Based on Where They Are

  • Connect with people based on their specific address (home or business)

Reach People Based on Where They Have Been

  • Find out their intent on purchasing your type of products.   Then send them branding with consumers.
Cross-Device Reach

Reach People Regardless of the Device They Use

  • Whether they use their mobile, desktop computer, or their Connect TV, deliver your message.

Once People Have Been to Your Site, Keep In Front of Them

  • Called Site Re-Targeting, deliver your ads on other sites to build loyalty and ads based on their real-world visitation patterns indicating their desires.
Industry-Specific Audiences

Tailor to Specific Audiences

  • Geofence the curbside pick areas, then tailor your message to Pick-up shoppers, reaching a new key audience.

Real estate – Open House 90-Day Targeting (MLS).

  • Reach people based on open house visitations.
Unique Targeting Solutions


  • Geofence consumers in very specific areas that see higher visitation from a specific store or geofenced areas.

Weather Triggering

  • Tailor and change your ads based on current weather and/or forecasted conditions.

Residential Targeting

  • Using your own address date (such as mailing lists or CRM data), build custom audiences to deliver digital advertising.