Why Use INEX Outdoor Digital Advertising?

Why Use INEX Outdoor Digital Advertising?
You reach everyone – everyone sees your Ads – there is no missing it.

All your advertising on TV, radio, print, and online media is fragmented. How? All these “Channels” are designed to align with a very narrow target demographics. The unintended result is that also limits your ability to reach a larger group of people.

On the other hand, Outdoor Advertising remains the only true mass medium since it gets seen by everyone. Did you know that the average person spends 17% of their waking hours in a car? Almost one-fifth of their time is spent looking at signs along the road. In addition, Outdoor advertising doesn‟t get interrupted like TV, radio, and mobile ads. It also cannot be affected by ad fraud, ad skipping, ad blocking tech, and the low „viewability‟ rates plaguing online and mobile advertising.

INEX Signs Are All Digital.

Why is that important? The old static signs „disappear‟ to the public after the 17th to 20th time people pass them. Digital signs constantly change – attracting their eye constantly. There truly is no missing them.

More importantly you can tailor multiple Ads to target specific kinds of people. You can deliver Ads directed expressly at young people, middle-aged women, older men, high income, motorcyclists, etc. The response rate is much higher than just some generic ad that tries to address everyone.

Why Use INEX Outdoor Digital Advertising?
Why Use INEX Outdoor Digital Advertising? OOH = Out Of Home or Outdoor Billboards Advertising is most cost effective
Low Cost
  • Outdoor advertising provides you has the lowest cost per thousand people.
  • Every business with even the smallest budget can afford it.
INEX Technology is all online – making it so easy.
  • Our patented system makes this easier than uploading images to social media.
  • Once you are approved – No need for approval by INEX for your Ads.
  • You can display an unlimited number of Ads – all for the same cost.
  • You can schedule each Ad – every day, or certain days, or even down to a few hours.
  • Change the Ads you want displayed 24/7 online.
  • Most importantly, you manage your own Advertising Campaigns online.
Why Use INEX Outdoor Digital Advertising?